In this blog, I share my thoughts on :

  • Mindfulness / Meditation to help you reduce your stress at work (and life) and be more happy.
  • technology trends that will affect your organization and you
  • B2B sales

The blog is useful for:

  • An individual who wants to be more mindful and be more happy at workplace and life in general. This is for those who keep gathering new ideas on various aspects of starting and running a successful organization/startup and have a great life.
  • A startup which has already achieved the product market fit. You have now raised significant funding (Series A) and looking out to grow. You are looking out to build a professional organization.
  • A corporate Or an established company which is re-envisioning and improving different facets of running your business. 

About me:

I have been meditating since year 2000 and have been trained in Indian medication techniques that are time-tested for hundreds (or maybe thousands of years). I am very passionate about it. I try to share my thoughts, techniques and research on mindfulness in this blog. 

I have been an entrepreneur (#EdTech #HRTech) for most of my career. I am a keen student of technology trends and share those here. I do a lot of thinking on that and tend to share it. The execution of the ideas and strategies is just as important as the new ideas to me. I have been advising CXOs of Fortune-100 companies on it, around the globe. I share my experience about Strategy Execution. My last job was - CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) at a LegalTech startup in Mumbai, India. So B2B sales, marketing and customer success is always at the top of my mind.