Mindfulness for Beginners

Foundation Course


Introduction before Day 1: 

Before we start with day 1 of Mindfulness, in this video, let me cover three important things about the practice: Timing, Place, Posture.

Day 1

It's perfectly natural to wander away into your thoughts. It's just the Day 1. Don't worry. Just take a step back and be mindful of those distractions.

Day 2

Meditation isn't about fighting to stop your thoughts. It’s about being mindful of the thoughts. Let’s develop this new skill through practice. At this stage, let’s concentrate on doing it everyday, for a few minutes. This will help you get you more at peace.

Day 3

The key idea in that is that you just need to observe the emotions and thoughts pass by. Not get involved with them. Not try to stop them or get carried along. Allowing the mind to get comfortable and calm.

Intro Video - Day 3

Throughout the day, and during meditation we get swayed by the emotions/thoughts. While meditating we don't force stop them. Meditation is a bit different than what many of us think it is. Meditation is about observing these emotions/thoughts and not reacting to them.

Day 4

The most challenging thing about mindfulness practice is to do it consistently. The trick is to have a trigger point. I always meditate between the bath and breakfast.  So now it’s a part of my routine.  What’s your your trigger point?